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Friday, July 29, 2011

Art Deco House Design Plans [Size 8 m x 17 m]

I plan to build a minimalist house floor, living room, family room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, 1 bathroom in the house, land size 18 x 25, my house will be developed (garage, family room expansion and the addition of a bedroom), please layout and design. Thank you. (SUGA)
I want to design a small house made a floor (ground size 8 x 20), dg 2 bedrooms, living room, library, prayer room, garage, kitchen, family room and bathroom, laundry room. I want there in front of the park, because my land on the edge of the road sgt noisy and dusty. I also wanted a garden in the back who also serves as a clothesline. I do not want too much insulation, but still there is a special living space between the inner room. Sorry if the request is too wordy. Thank you. (Isti)
My pack will make the house a ground floor with an area of ​​10 x 19 m2. house facing north: There is a major snooze rooms (all en-KMR) 3 Bedrooms child, 2 bathrooms, garage, kitchen, mushollah, warehouses, R labor money, the garden behind the house. Please sir.. please. Thank for Your help. (Tufahati)

Sir, please help, I plan to build a house on the ground 10.5 m X 15 m. lay of the land on the hook. Sy want in lt 1: a major snooze room, 2 bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom (2) garage, dining room, movie room, space. guests. Lt 2 sufficient to: room maid, washing and drying an open space for ironing. Yes sir thanks a lot.. (Litha)

I beg you created for home design future land 18m wide, wide back ground 18 m long, 30 m, minimalist house, there is the garden in front, rear. thanks for the help.. (Bambang s)

Sayah want to make a house 2 rooms, 1 living room, a living room, bathroom, kitchen, prayer room. a land area of ​​18 m length, width of 8 m. the picture please. (Marulloh)

god willing, my husband and I want to build our dream house, land area of ​​15 mx 22.5 m. husband wants hacienda-style problem, but I want a touch of ethnic Javanese. yes please pack made designs and sketches, which is nice and slick ya, really thank you for the help. (INDRI)

I need pictures to get up lots, dimensions 10 (width) x 23 (length). The room: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 km shower room (small), kitchen, 2 maid's room 1 km bath, carport, living room, family room shaped like a split level / mezanine.. (Medina)

Hi, I have a house minimalist type 38/90, I would like to renovate the house to wake lt 2 where there are 2 bedrooms and 1 maid's room and 2 bathrooms, please be designed and cost estimates, thx.. (Komara)

Mas, I have a ground 12 x 25, pingin not make a house that is 10 x 20 with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, a kitchen, praying, tv room (relaxing).. how the composition / sketching is good) so that the house remain healthy, effective and beautiful.. (Interview)

We want to make a house measuring 10 X 14 The width of land 25 x 30 locations Muara Bungo Jambi we wanted a minimalist home dg budget of Rp. 125 Million.
We beg yah Make sketches and drawings. Thanks before.. (Hana Subhan)

Mas, I plan to build a house but with limited funds that remain on the land that extends 15m x 40m. I Wish a living room, a family room, 1 bedroom dng main bathroom, 2 bedrooms, miles toilet, kitchen and garage. if there can be a rear garden. for while the first floor first. please bikinkan his sketches and drawings mas. thank you very much mas.. (Hanif)

Hi sir, I ask you please send an example picture of a house complete with schematics, because I want to build houses on an area 10 mx 20 m with a plan up size 8 mx 17 m, and I am very confused form and model home that I will make, so please help me pack and if there are suggestions for me send to my email address aja pak.. (Pangky)

houses plans
Inscription above are just a few of the many emails that come in and ask for design houses to be built on land measuring 10 mx 20 m to 15 mx 20 m.

Below I show an example picture of a house with a simple design, there may or many of the readers who enter this home look into the architecture is minimalist, but I myself prefer to see it as Art Deco architecture.
The size of the building is 8 m x 17 m. Number of Bedrooms: 1 fruit, living room, family room, kitchen, pantry, dining room, and workspace can also be used for the worship space, or even a place of business.

Estimated cost to build a house like the design drawing above is: 2.5 juta/m2 and estimates total production costs for the house area of ​​118 m2 is: 295 million rupiah. Of course, estimates / cost estimate must be adjusted with the wage and material price your city, and the costs above do not include the price of land ( only the price / cost of home production only).

So posting this article, hopefully art deco design house like in the picture above is useful for you..

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