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Friday, July 29, 2011

Build a Healthy and Comfortable Bathroom

Healthy Bathroom PlanDo you want or perhaps are building a bathroom? What first comes to mind when you want to build or renovate a bathroom? The first, and absolute, is the guarantees of privacy and health. Construction of the bathroom had to be sturdy. Second, the comfort when you're in it. Third, access to the bathroom it must be easily accessible by all residents.

These are basic common criteria. There are still some additional measures, such as what devices are used in the bathroom, air traffic systems, floor and wall patterns, colors bathroom, accessories, and so on. In order for your bathroom comfortable and safe, there are several things to note:

1. Make sure the air circulation in the bathroom is fine, so it is not trapped inside. In addition, the ventilation should be directed to the bathroom outside the room (avoid the room).

2. For accessories, choose the more captivating. For doors and glass in the bathroom, choose a higher quality. Options on quality in the end will make you satisfied because the jamb and the door leaves are not easily eaten by termites. Glass is also very varied and not broken.
Comfortable Bathroom Plan
Shower Cabin

3. Place two flowers or perfume at the corner of the bathroom I'll appear fresh atmosphere.


4. For a small bathroom, the light used should be bright enough to give a clean impression. As for the bathroom a more spacious, the lighting can be adjusted with the desire.


5. Use the tiles to the walls with a smooth surface, so easy to clean and does not capture the dirt. While ceramics for over rough floors. Avoid using dark colors to avoid the rough and dirty and dark impression.

6. For the safety of elderly and young children, you should install railings or handles near the shower.

7. Note the slope of the bathroom floor, a Bathroom Plans Designsminimum of 2 percent toward the drain (floor drain), so that no stagnant water in the bathroom.

8. Avoid using too often use acidic materials to clean the bathroom floor for the sake of environmental sustainability.

If some additional criteria are met, it seems you can have a comfortable bathroom.

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