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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Japanese House Slippers / Sandals

Japanese House Slippers (Geta and Yori)

Japanese House Slippers   Sandals image

Geta - Japanese House Slippers

Geta (下 駄) is a traditional Japanese footwear made ​​of wood. On the pedestal (dai) there are three holes for inserting the rope quilted fabric called Hanao (鼻 绪). As well there are two rights of the so-called ha ("gigi"). Geta worn outdoors while wearing a yukata or kimono. Rights geta facilitate high on the wearer walked through muddy roads when it rains.

Geta worn with bare legs (while wearing yukata) or by wearing socks called tabi *. How to wear geta like how to wear flip-flops, Hanao sandwiched between thumb and forefinger feet. Places that usually provide Geta is a hot water bath (onsen) and traditional inn (ryokan) that can be borrowed by guests (japanese house slippers for guests).


Tabi (足 袋) are traditional Japanese socks. Has high ankle and there is separation between the big toe and the other four fingers.


Waraji is woven rope sandals of straw / rice straw. Earlier times, this footwear is standard in Japan, but now it is only used by a Buddhist priest. Usually used also for a hike / ride away or if there is any celebration. It turns out that these sandals have become a new innovation that is more beautiful and simple. Very difficult to manufacture and are made by hand, so do not use machines.

Zōri - Japanese House Slippers

Zori (草 履) is a Japanese sandals and strappy flatbed rope made ​​of straw or other plant fibers, cloth, wood fiber, leather, rubber, or synthetic material. Zori also be commonly used with tabi. Zori similar to flip-flops, which first appeared in New Zealand and the United States in World War II around the rubber imitation of wooden sandals worn in Japan. Zori is usually used when wearing traditional clothing. Differences in the use, if geta is worn with the informal yukata, while zori worn with more formal kimono.

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